Father’s Day Cake Pops

Father’s Day is coming up (can you believe it’s June already??) and I always struggle to come up with cool crafting ideas for the males in my life. Father’s Day is generally filled with ties and socks or a giftcard to Dad’s favorite place to eat, but this year I am determined to do something crafty! Thankfully, Bakerella came to my rescue with a recipe posted back in 2008.

Bakerella.com is the blog of Angie Dudley, author of Cake Pops, which is a book showing you how to make amazing cake lollipops. If you’ve never heard of or eaten a cake pop, shame on you! My sister Liz introduced me to cake pops when she and my little sister made chicken-themed cake pops together. They looked just like Chicken Little 🙂

Bakerella posted this wonderful tutorial showing how to make superman cake pops, which I think will be a wonderful surprise for Dad this June. Or maybe I should find a knit sock tutorial…

Cake Pops

Be sure to check out the Pop Stars page for some great inspiration from people who’ve read Bakerella’s book and made their own really awesome cake pops! If you’re new to the cake pops game and are looking for a starting place, check out this kit from amazon for only $13.57. You can find candy melts at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in a lot of different colors, red blue and yellow shouldn’t be too hard to find, but you can always use white chocolate and color them with food coloring – but! you have to use special candy coloring. If you get any water in chocolate or candy melts it will make it lumpy. Thanks for the tip, Liz!

*If you’re ever coloring something black – be it frosting or chocolate – be sure to start with a chocolate base. Going from brow to black takes less coloring, if you start with a white base you will only taste the food coloring. Yuck.

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One Response to Father’s Day Cake Pops

  1. This is a great idea! I need to think of something to make for Dad also.
    I had no idea they made a kit for the cake pops, that would be a great gift for someone crafty.

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