Hoodie Tutorial

Craftster is where I get the majority of my ideas for crafts. It is a forum where anyone can post their tutorials, projects, ideas, or questions and receive great feedback from fellow crafters. I have spent more hours than I will ever admit to on this website. The talent and creativity on the website is unbelievable. If you click the link, be careful! you’ll need at least a couple hours to devote to all of the crafts. Check out the Featured Projects at the top of the home page to start.

Last year for my little sister’s 12th birthday, I used gnacissej’s tutorial to make her a fleece hoodie. I used rainbow hearts fleece fabric that I found on sale at JoAnn Fabrics.

My roommate Amy was kind enough to model the sweatshirt for me before I gave it to Gabby for her birthday. This was made in my college dorm last year, most of the cutting was done in the middle of our floor and I made quite the mess! Big thank you to my roommates for putting up with my sewing. I distinctly remember cutting out the pieces for my loose-weave houndstooth jacket – and getting black and white threads all over the carpet. Oops!

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2 Responses to Hoodie Tutorial

  1. Joe says:

    I want to make a hoodie.

  2. Autumn Swain says:

    This is amazing, I can’t even imagine making something like this. I think clothing design seems so fun, but I wouldn’t even know where to start.

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