The Oil Cleansing Method

I thought I would share this DIY facewash/makeup remover that I found on ReadyMade is an awesome DIY magazine that shows you how to repurpose, create, and build many fun and creative projects. Their blog and website also have a lot of really great ideas, and Plover, WI was even mentioned in a blog post awhile back!

This article on their website talks about the oil cleansing method and what oil combo worked best for the author of the post. Having extremely dry, sensitive skin with a ton of skin allergies, I was excited to try this method. The great thing is that the castor oil acts as a dirt and makeup remover, so you can throw away those harsh makeup removers that really shouldn’t come within 5 feet of your eyes. For my dry skin the combination that works best for me is 1 part castor oil (the cleanser) to 3 parts extra virgin olive oil (the moisturizer). According to the post, “ recommends three parts castor to one part EVOO for oily and acne-prone skin, one part castor to three parts EVOO for drier skin and one to one portions of each for those with “normal” skin.”  I bought my extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store (its Crisco!) and the castor oil at the Co-op.

Experiment and see which one works best for you! Try it for a week and e-mail me your results!

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One Response to The Oil Cleansing Method

  1. Danni Hebert says:

    This looks super easy and relatively cheap…Definitely going to make this on Friday and if it works I’ll give you a hug and some candy next time I’m in Point! hehe (but I’d probably give you the hug either way)

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