Slouchy Hat Tutorial

I have only ever completed one crochet pattern in my life. Granted, I went a little nuts and made everyone I knew one of these hats last Christmas…but that’s beside the point! It just goes to show you that even if you have very little crocheting experience there are still awesome patterns out there for you to use. The best part is, most are free!

I found this pattern for a slouchy hat on Craftster and was excited to give it a try, since all I had made before this was a scarf once upon a time. The great part about this pattern is that it works up very quickly, and although it is easy to follow, it ends up looking much more complicated. I only ended up using one skein for each hat, so it is also an inexpensive project.

The hat uses a couple different stitches which are fairly simple to pick up, but if you’re having trouble a great resource to use is NexStitch, which has short video tutorials and pictures of a lot of frequently used stitches.

I used a couple different types of yarn, depending on the color I thought my friend would like best, but my favorite brand by far is Stitch Nation. I found it at both Michaels and a local craft/knitting shop.

You may be surprised by this, but I used Klutz books to learn both crocheting and knitting. After I learned the basics I read The Happy Hooker, and once I get a little more comfortable with knitting I plan on purchasing Debbie Stoller’s prequel to The Happy Hooker, Stitch N’ Bitch. Don’t be put off by the names, they’re wonderful books with a lot of really cool projects and tips.

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2 Responses to Slouchy Hat Tutorial

  1. swanrj08 says:

    I love crocheting! It’s super relaxing and the Stitch N’ Bitch book is great!

  2. Kim Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness. I will definitely be making these for my grandkids birthdays! It seems so easy, but so refined. Maybe I can attach a dolphin charm to each of them (they have necklaces with dolphins on them). Thank you so much for this article!

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