30 Days of Creativity – Day 1

It is finally June, which means you all should be in the crafting state of mind! Today’s inspiration for the 30 Days of Creativity is BIKES! I am so excited that there is finally some nice, clear weather in Wisconsin so that I can finally ride my bike to work. It’d be a little more impressive if I lived more than a mile away from work I suppose…oh well! It still counts as being green, right? :p

Although I have my summer class, work one job, and then work at another until 9pm, I am going to try my hardest to participate in the first day of the challenge – partly because I love the idea of crafting every day in June, but mostly because I. love. my. bike!

Isn’t she beautiful?

I can’t imagine a better way to let others enjoy the beauty of my bike than to make a stencil of it! (Disclaimer: Tagging is illegal no matter how pretty it looks)

StencilRevolution has a great tutorial posted by Gheek that shows how to make multi-layer stencils, if you’re feeling adventurous. You can also use the first steps of his tutorial to make a one layer stencil.

If you’re not comfortable with photoshop and still want to try your hand at stenciling, I have used stencils from Stencilry. They have a ton of pop culture stencils that you can use for free, which is nice when you need to make a quick gift for someone and you have a plain t-shirt lying around. *If you’re going to be stenciling on fabric be sure to pick up some Fabric Paint Medium and use up all of those $.99 acrylic paints you have lying around. Just mix two parts paint to one part medium and you have fabric paint! Stencilry has the best tutorials for beginners, including ones about what paper to use, how to deal with islands and bridges, and how to make stencils if you don’t have illustrator and photoshop.

My personal preference is to use freezer paper for one-time stencils, and actual stencil sheets if I have a small stencil that I’d like to use multiple times. Cardboard also works well for multi-use stencils. You can pick up uncut stencil sheets at Michaels, or use transparencies as well.

Right now I am in the process of cutting out a giraffe stencil:

If your friend loves a certain band – even if you can’t stand them – stenciling is a great way to personalize a simple bag, and will get your friend lots of compliments! The best part of crafting is when the compliments come back around to you, and people can’t believe you made this or that. I found this bag at Target and made two simple stencils to dress it up a bit.

The bow was my way of wrapping the gift. When you put a lot of time into making gifts, you generally spend less time wrapping them. Well, maybe I’m just lazy.

My favorite stencils that I’ve ever made would have to be the small ones I did of Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. I had to use my mini craft iron to get these to stick to the shoes so that I could paint them. Hardest project for sure, but definitely one of the most rewarding.

There are so many possibilities for stenciling, most of which are perfectly legal. I will be working on my bike stencil tonight, hopefully I can get that finished and debut it on the blog tomorrow. I’d love to feature a couple stencils along side my Schwinn, so e-mail me if you have any that you’ve made, or if you make one today!

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3 Responses to 30 Days of Creativity – Day 1

  1. We need to get our bikes out the closet, this whole week should be great biking weather! I’m working on our wedding invitations today, specifically the inserts like the RSVP, Directions, and reception card. I won’t be including any bikes but I’m still being creative!

    I was looking at 30 Days of Creativity on Pinterest. and there are ready a bunch of projects, here’s the link for Day 1.1/

    I found some inspiration for my wedding map, just looking at all the projects makes me want to be creative

  2. oops, my link didn’t work, I’ll try it again
    Day 1.

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