DIY Disc Golf

I got a request from Curtis this morning to create a post about customizing disc golf discs. I’ve done some discing before, growing up with a brother serious about disc golf is probably the reason for that…my favorite disc to use was the Shark, but mostly because I liked the pretty shark on the front. Don’t judge me!

Anyways, I had never heard of customizing the stamp on your disc until this morning. Kind of disappointing, craft community! I did some searching but didn’t come up with much for total, at-home DIY, but there is a really nice website that has tutorials and stencils that you can reference and buy. Check out Custom Disc Golf Dyes for some really cool stencils at pretty decent prices: If you’re a beginner I suggest any of the Star Wars stencils, as they don’t have any islands to worry about. (If you need a refresher course on islands and bridges I posted a link to a tutorial yesterday.

The actual dying process can be done with supplies that you can purchase at your local craft or even grocery store. According to Custom Disc Golf Dyes’ website and video tutorial, all you need is a paintbrush, RIT dye (liquid or powder will do, just be sure to follow the directions on the box/bottle), rubbing alcohol, a cup, a bucket of water, and a disc.

If you want to customize a disc you already have, it is fairly simple to remove the stamp. A commenter on the video claims that champion or star plastic removes the easiest. To remove the stamp you’ll need acetone. The easiest way to get this would probably be to go to Walmart and pick up some 100% acetone nailpolish remover. Acetone is nasty stuff, so just use enough to get the stamp wet. You may need to scrub a bit with an old toothbrush to get the stamp to come off completely.

If you don’t like the idea of purchasing a stencil to use, you might try making one using Glad Press N’ Seal. I have yet to use this product for stenciling (watch out for a post later about how to use it for machine embroidery!) so I can’t reccommend it personally, but I will experiment later and let you know how that goes. If you have any suggestions for making a stencil that won’t leave a residue behind, please leave a comment or let me know. I have used contact paper to do some stenciling on glass, but I am not sure how the plastic would handle it, or if the dye would react. The stencils on the website are made of vinyl stickers, so if you have access to that material, that would be the best thing to use.

Once you have all of your supplies, the dying process is similar to stenciling on a t-shirt using fabric paint – simply paint on the dye, remembering to stir throughout the process, let it dry for 5 minutes, and then fully submerge in water. Wipe off the water, peel off whatever stencil you used, and voila! You have a custom disc golf disc!

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5 Responses to DIY Disc Golf

  1. jackblanke says:

    THIS I am down with =P

    I actually know a guy who does this with all his discs. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. fAnTaStIc! I thought you’d be interested in disc dying. I really like your site 🙂 Let me know if you want to throw some discs sometime. I have plenty to go around!

  3. CJ and I were thinking about playing disc golf this summer, I should try this!

  4. This could be a great Father’s Day gift, even if they’ve never played, you could take them out and show them how to play

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