Uses for Old T-Shirts

Everyone has a closet full of old t-shirts, I generally use them when I misplace my pajamas (which is often, so good thing I have a huge pile of these things!) and they came in handy on my trip to Nicaragua this year. Still, there’s no need to have 20 shirts ‘just in case’.

So, what do you do with all of those shirts from soccer leagues and summer camps? Threadbanger suggests making a T-Shirt Picnic Blanket. It even converts into a backpack so you can transport it more easily! I love the idea, but I am more amazed at the number of Threadless T-shirts they were willing to cut up to turn into a blanket!

Apartment Therapy turned their old band tees into art. I love this idea, and think I might do this with some of mine. You can buy the frames from Urban Outfitters or Ikea, or DIY it with this tutorial.

And of course there is always the option of the classic T-Shirt Quilt! Craftster has a text tutorial for one backed with polar fleece. Start now and you might just have it done by winter!

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3 Responses to Uses for Old T-Shirts

  1. Amy Novack says:

    This site is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new ideas!! 🙂

  2. pamelaaugust says:

    I’ve made two T-shirt quilts and am working on my third.

  3. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love the backpack. I think I shall try that once I am done with my tshirt quilt.

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