iPad Stealth Case

What’s cooler than having a book with a hidden compartment on a shelf of normal books?

Putting an ipad in that book.

You can modify this for an ipod or iphone by using a smaller book. If you don’t have a dremel too you can use an xacto knife and saw along the pages to get cleaner edges. Sandpaper might work as well, if you have all of the pages glued together and completely dry.

The hardest part of the tutorial is finding a cool book that you can cut up!

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5 Responses to iPad Stealth Case

  1. Gwynndolynn says:

    I love this idea. I have seen this done for many thing you can hide in a book. Especially when apart of Recreation group where electronics need to be hidden.

  2. Ashley says:


  3. robert says:

    well this is pretty awesome. pam just got an ipad so i’ll have to see if she would want something like this instead of a normal case.

  4. Autumn Swain says:

    great idea, i like this. if only i had an ipad…lol

  5. Joe says:

    Related: That’s pretty cool.
    Unrelated: Please let me know if you have a good recipe for graham crackers. It is a summer goal of mine to make my own graham crackers. Perhaps you know of my open letter to show Nabisco how disgruntled I am.

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